Biden’s inroads with Trump states have been wide and far-reaching.

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Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event in Ohio. Photo Credit: Reuters

In 2016, Donald Trump won Iowa by 9%.

He won Texas by 9%.

He won Ohio by 8%.

He won Georgia by 5%.

In 2020, these states and 11 more are up for grabs. Why?

2020 has a massive number of battleground states worth 201 electoral votes, possibly the largest number of electoral votes in contention in recent political history, with vastly different trendlines and political leanings.

How Zipf’s Law appears in a surprising math problem

Recently I was working on some math problems when this especially interesting one came up:

Chad needs seven apples to make an apple strudel for Jordan. He is currently at 0 on the metric number line. Every minute, he randomly moves one meter in either the positive or the negative direction with equal probability. Arctica’s parents are located at +4 and 4 on the number line. They will bite Chad for kidnapping Arctica if he walks onto those numbers. Also, there is one apple located at each integer between 3 and 3, inclusive. Whenever Chad lands on an integer with an unpicked apple, he picks it. …


James Lian

Political nerd and programmer; enjoys solving math problems and playing violin and volleyball.

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